Leadership Opportunities

WISE Village Mentors

Each floor has WISE Resident Mentors (RMs) and Resident Advisors (RAs) who work together to create an engaging and supportive environment in the WISE Village. WISE Resident Mentors serve as student leaders who live in the village with their mentees, acting as a resource to help smooth first-year students’ transition from high school to college.

Resident Mentors

RMs are upper-class women in science and engineering who have “been there/done that” and can help first-year students academically and socially. Under the supervision of the WISE Graduate Assistant and associate director, mentors work with RAs to build community in the WISE Village. Mentors also provide programming for their mentees and are involved in programming within the WISE Village. The primary purpose for RMs is to:

  • Enhance the first year experience for students participating in the WISE Village. Mentors will assist the first-year students in their transition from high school to the college environment through mentoring, tutoring, and community building
  • Encourage sophomore WISE students to continue making connections within WISE and beyond, and to help them find leadership, internship, research and other kinds of opportunities that will help them in their development

Become a WISE Resident Mentor

Resident Advisors

RAs are upper-class women who serve as liaisons between University Housing and residents. Under the supervision of the Residence Director and the Community Director, RAs help to create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to studying within the residence hall, help to build community on their floors and in the building, serve as mediators for residents in conflict with one another, and enforce University Housing policies.

Become a University Housing Resident Advisor

WISE Student Council

WISE Student Council (STUCO) is all about creating events for the women of WISE. There are three main components: social, community service, and fundraising. STUCO consists of a president, vice president, secretary, and two co-chairs for the social, community service and fundraising committees. The entire council is made up of current WISE women who create different programs.

  • Social Programs focuses on fun events that let women participate in fun crafts, movie nights, girls night, and other fun events.
  • Community Service focuses on helping ladies find outlets to give back to our local community.
  • Fundraising helps to raise funds to support our end-of-year celebration

WISE Ambassadors

  • Represent WISEVillage at recruiting events, tours, and one-on-one personal visits
  • Some weekend events
    • NC State Open House, CoE Open House, WISE Spend-a-Day, Explore NC State Dates, etc
  • Personal tours for visiting students – usually happen during the class day
  • Potential outreach events with Jr WISE & NCSSM
    • WISE chapter at high schools