About WISE Village

WISE Village

Located in Lee Residence Hall on NC State’s West Campus, WISE Village is a living and learning community created for first- and second-year women engineers, mathematicians, statisticians, and scientists. The program combines a group living experience with resident, upper-class mentors who will assist in the transition to university life. Promoting academic success; fostering the formation of lasting relationships with fellow students, professors, and mentors; and providing out-of-class experiences are fundamental components of the program. The WISE Village is a supportive environment in which members will engage in focused inquiry within their disciplines and begin to develop the skills and talents necessary to become successful STEM professionals.

Village members will:

  • begin to develop an identity as a scientist, engineer or mathematician
  • meet women with common interests and build lasting friendships
  • increase self-awareness through acknowledging personal strengths and weaknesses
  • explore career and personal goals
  • develop leadership skills
  • maintain a balance between academic and personal life

WISE helps to increase the:

  • percentage of first-year women entering STEM majors
  • retention rates of women who enroll in STEM majors
  • graduation rates of women in STEM majors
  • percentage of women in STEM majors who pursue graduate degrees
  • knowledge of career options in STEM fields