Transfer Connections Village

The Talley Student Center remains mostly empty on the first day of move-in for the Fall 2020 semester. Photo by Becky Kirkland.

About the Village

The Transfer Connections Village (TCV), located in Wolf Village – Gray is a brand new living-learning community within University Housing that solely focuses on supporting transfer students as they transition to NC State. Transfer students are an incredibly diverse student population, spanning from student caregivers, veterans, non-traditional, traditional and early college students. They enrich conversations inside and outside of the classroom through their unique perspectives and they expand our collective understanding of what the student experience is or should be. With over 4,200 transfer students on campus, we are so proud that University Housing is leveraging its resources to support this unique population of students.

The Transfer Connections Village aims to give our students a crash course of what opportunities NC State has to offer. Transfer students have a shorter period of time on campus in most cases and there is a need to ensure they are able to take advantage of the resources we have on campus.

We empower transfer students to share their stories with each other to normalize their experiences and build relationships across campus!

Our professional and student staff support our residents by…

Empowering Transfers in Transition

  • Celebrate residents’ experiences as Transfer Students
  • Encourage residents to ask questions in support of their transition
  • Refer students to campus resources

Fostering Meaningful Relationships

  • Affirm resident’s identities and provide space to learn about others
  • Connect through an intercultural competence framework
  • Engage with students across campus within the community

Cultivating Personal, Academic, and Professional Goals

  • Reflect on personal experiences through a portfolio
  • Create a network of support focused on research and internships opportunities

If you have any questions, please reach out to the Village Director, Caitlin Corker, at