Why did you join SAY Village?

“I joined say village because I have plans to be an educator and I feel that investing in someone else will help pay forward the investment others have put into me.” Abigail Leinfelder

“I joined SAY Village because I wanted to live in a community of like-minded individuals that all wanted to help children.” Kensley Ledford

“I joined SAY partly because I am an education major and I love kids. Also, the thought of coming to NC State’s campus was very intimidating so I wanted to be a part of a closer-knit community.” Allyson Sarnowski

Would you recommend SAY Village to incoming or second-year students? Why or why not?

“I would absolutely recommend SAY Village to incoming or second-year students. It has given me a sense of community since I’ve come to NC State and given me an entire family of people to turn to when I am feeling homesick. SAY Village has provided me with a support system it would have taken me months or maybe even a year or two to develop on my own. I love everyone I have met so far and the students I get to work with. My mentee is incredibly intelligent, sincere, and genuine. I am so excited to work with him, and this arrangement would not have been possible without SAY. I love SAY and everyone apart of it. I feel so safe and valued here.” McKenna Martin

“I would recommend SAY for everyone, even if you are not an education major. With SAY, there is a tight-knit community of peers that are always willing to help each other, whether it be delofting your bed after a broken arm or with a fun activity idea. Also, having a mentee is one of the best parts of my week. For two hours, I get to focus solely on helping my mentee reach his goals rather than worry about my own life. Even beyond the mentor experience, there are activities and socials for you to get to know your fellow SAY-ers.” Kensley Ledford

“Definitely! SAY has helped me grow as a person, it has helped with my communication skills, and with staying involved. Becoming a mentor for a 5th grader reminds me of my job as a big sister at home. Knowing that I can make a huge difference in the outcome of a kid’s day with just some kind words is so amazing. I am so grateful for the people in this village and the EAs that helped us transition. The move to college was rough for me because I am from a small town and this campus has the complete opposite feel. After joining this village, I would actually call this my home away from home.” Allyson Sarnowski

Describe your best SAY Village experience.
“My best SAY moment was on August 16th during the very first social of the year. That morning I had driven to state and moved into my dorm and thirty minutes before the start of the social my parents had left. Although I was excited about college, I was sad to leave behind my family. I went to the social and after the initial awkward greetings, I started to have conversations with people and make new friends among the village. This night was probably my best moment in SAY because I realized that I would always be able to find a friend in my SAY peers and this gave me confidence in my first few weeks at college.” Kensley Ledford

“My best SAY Village moment so far was taking our mentees to the NC State Fair! It was my first time going so I felt just like a little kid too! All of their faces lit up when they saw the rides and all of the food (including mine). It was such a good day to spend time together.” Allyson Sarnowski