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Alumni Engagement Opportunities

ILV Alums
Second Annual Alumni Networking Dinner (Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2018)

The first step of staying connected is to complete our very brief ILV Alumni Directory. please be sure to include an email address that will remain active even after your time at NC State. Your NC State student email account will eventually expire, which means we will lose our chance to provide you with updates!

ILV Past Member
Abhi Kher (ILV ’16-’17, ’17-18) represents ILV as an Ambassador for the College of Engineering

There are additional opportunities for engagement embedded in the ILV Alumni Directory form including current village member mentorship. As our alumni base expands, we aim to connect our current village members with former village members who now work in their areas of interest. On the ILV Alumni Directory, you can indicate both your interest in mentorship as well as the areas of expertise you can provide guidance!

Elise Romola (ILV ’17-’18) promotes her non-profit organization at the 2018 Entreprelooza using skills gained in ILV

Finally, ILV is working to develop signature alumni-focused programs including a fall homecoming cookout, an annual ILV Day of Service in conjunction with current village members, alumni-villager leadership mentoring, as well as an annual spring cookout. Through completion of the ILV Alumni Directory, we will be able to keep you up-to-date with programs and events for all alumni as well as opportunities that are ILV-residential year specific!