About Impact Leadership Village

Located in Bowen Residence Hall, the Impact Leadership Village (ILV) began in 2009 as a place for students to strengthen their leadership skills to become better leaders in today‚Äôs world. We value and recognize the importance of having different backgrounds, academic focuses, and perspectives to address the many issues we face today in our communities.

We know NC State will prepare you academically for whatever career pathway you choose, but the Impact Leadership Village will prepare to you to make a difference, stand out, and leave an impact along the way! Our villagers are often the most involved on campus going on to serve as village community leadership, resident advisors, orientation leaders, community assistants, and so much more.

ILV Alumni @ Football Game
Village members attend a home football game together

Our Mission

Grounded in the Relational Leadership Model, the mission of the Impact Leadership Village is to provide experiential learning opportunities which support students through developing leadership skills, academic achievement, community engagement and practical application of leadership to real-world issues.

Our Vision

The vision of the Impact Leadership Village is to produce future leaders who lead with integrity and are socially responsible, globally minded, progressive leaders who value the multidisciplinary of leadership and are equipped to make their personal IMPACT on the state, the nation, and the world.


As a result of participating in the village, members will:

  1. Articulate their own purpose for using relational leadership within their undergraduate career
  2. Demonstrate empowering peer relationships and group experiences
  3. Apply ethical decision-making models in personal and group decisions
  4. Create inclusive groups and environments
  5. Model process-oriented, rather that hierarchy-oriented, leadership within working groups
ILV @ State Fair
ILV members utilize Relational Leadership, for work and fun, to build a vibrant, thriving on-campus family