Impact Leadership Village

Happy game day everyone! #GoPack

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How we feel about midterms being almost over #GoPack

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We're always this excited for a Wolfpack Gameday! #GoPack

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Hey ILV, happy first day of fall! 🎃🍁

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Hey Wolfpack! Happy gameday. #GoPack

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Hey ILV! With midterms coming up, self care is a must. How are you taking care of yourself today? #selfcare

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Let’s all play a part in slowing the spread of COVID-19! Wherever you are, remember to protect yourself and others around you by wearing a mask and social distancing. We will get through these difficult times together as one Pack! #ProtectThePack #wearamask

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Remember, we can still Protect the Planet while Protecting the Pack!

#WearAMask #ProtectThePack

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Pulling for the canes coronavirus style!

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We love our Friday shopping trips! #wearamask

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The first week of the semester can be stressful, so remember to take some time for yourself and do something relaxing. #selfcare

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Happy FDOC! And remember to wear your mask to Protect the Pack.

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Village Bonds: Bowen & Beyond

Village Bonds: Bowen & Beyond

One of the most critical components of a Village is the shared living experience. The Impact Leadership Village has been housed in Bowen Residence Hall since 2008. However, Villagers stay connected long after they leave

You’re Invited: SLC 101 Service Proposal Showcase

  Please join the Impact Leadership Village on Thursday, December 5th for our 2019 service action proposal showcase. Village Members will be sharing their comprehensive service action proposal highlighting their leadership and service experiences over

2019-2020 ILV Staff

ILV Move-In 2019

Dear, Impact Leadership Villager: You might be feeling a lot of things right now: excitement, apprehension, confusion, anticipation. These are all okay! Move-in and transitioning to campus can be incredibly overwhelming these first few days,