Honors Forum

A Guide to Scholars Forum

Dance. Art. Movies. Academic enrichment. All of these and much more are explored every week during Scholars Forum. Scholars Forum offers many fun and diverse ways to engage with the Scholars and Honors communities and

Scott O'Leary

Interview with Dr. Scott O’Leary

Dr. Scott O’Leary is the Honors and Scholars Village Director. He came into this position in August, and he hit the ground running. His vision is to use the newness of the village to provide

2019-2020 Village Fellow Position Now Open

This position is designed to support the Honors and Scholars Village (HSV). The primary responsibility of all Village Fellows is the mentorship and role modeling for any students living in the Honors and Scholars Village,

Arts Entrepreneurship with Sybarite5

The members of Sybarite5 will be leading a discussion about what it means to be an entrepreneurial musician in the 21st century. Members of Sybarite5 address the ever-evolving landscape of concert music from the perspective of five