Prospective Members


How to Apply

Whether you are new to on-campus housing or want to transfer into the Global Village from another residence hall, you need to complete a village application in MyPack Portal. This application is in addition to the University Housing application, which you must complete first.

Important Information

  • Village applications for the fall semester open in December.
  • Village applications for the spring semester open in October.
  • Once accepted into the Global Village, participants who are returning NC State students may choose spaces in the village through the Housing Selection process.
  • Global Village assignments staff members reserve the right to change your room assignment.
  • We strive to pair all U.S. students with international roommates.
  • Global Village residents cannot have a non-village roommate. Both roommates must be a part of the Global Village.

Global Village Requirements

  • Be an active participant in the Global Village community
  • Attend a minimum of one village and one campus event per month
  • Contribute to weekly online discussions and submit monthly event reports via Moodle
  • Actively serve on one of our committees
  • Attend the Global Village orientation each semester
  • Complete five hours of volunteer service each semester
  • Remain in good academic standing with the university (minimum 2.0 GPA)
  • Abide by the Student Code of Conduct and University Housing Community Standards.
  • Priority is given to CHASS majors

*These requirements are subject to change. Participants will be notified if a change occurs.