Global Village Ambassadors

One of the most crucial components of the Global Village is the Global Village Ambassador. Global Village Ambassadors are dedicated to cultural exploration and to collaborating with other Ambassadors, residents, and staff to provide an enjoyable and educational living-learning experience for all village residents. Ambassadors support the Village Director and Scholar in Residence in their initiatives to provide a comprehensive program experience that develops relationships across cultures through educational and social programs.


  • Have an outstanding academic record; 2.7+ term and cumulative GPA
  • Have lived in any of the NC State Living Learning Villages for a minimum of one semester
  • Have no active record of University disciplinary action at the time of application or throughout the appointment
  • Be enthusiastic about learning and engaging others in new cultures, languages, and customs
  • Have a high level of personal and professional character and willingness to develop leadership ability and cultural competency skills
  • Be committed to serving on a team and dedicated to delivering more than what is asked
  • Be welcoming to new ideas and have an open mind

Applications are available here:  Global Village Ambassador Application

Programming Model

Scholar in Residence Programs: Ambassadors assist the Scholar in Residence with educational programs. The Ambassadors help support programs via communication, recruitment, and faculty support.

Coffee Talks: Ambassadors host monthly Coffee Talks on current issues/events either in the US or in the world. The Ambassadors pick a current issue that is affecting the world at large, research the topic, and then serve as facilitators of an open discussion.

Cups of Culture: Residents prepare a meal and a presentation about their culture to share history, food, dress, and music and then present it to their fellow residents. Ambassadors coordinate the entire event including recruitment, menu planning, shopping, cooking, and event facilitation.

Global Village Move-in and Orientation: Ambassadors are responsible for assisting new students and their family members through the move-in process. Additionally, Ambassadors are responsible for the planning and implementation of community building activities during Global Village Orientation.

Global Village Committees: Ambassadors serve as community leaders who work to ensure the participation of all residents in some form of service to the Village. They do this by supervising committees made up of residents who are tasked with helping with in-house activities, marketing and promotions, service projects, travel planning and more.

Job Responsibilities

The three primary responsibilities of a Global Ambassador are to serve as a representative to GV students, assist in the development of GV programs, and promote the community standards of the Global Village. More specifically, Global Ambassadors are expected to commit to working ten quality hours per week. Those ten hours are typically broken down in the following way:

Programming (30%, approximately 3 hours/week)

  • Create, plan, and implement programs that support Global Village student learning outcomes and strategic plan.
  • Encourage GV students to participate in the residence hall, campus, and village events.
  • Develop and implement the GV Faculty Speaker Series.
  • Be responsible for administrative tasks associated with programming (i.e.: event sign-in, uploading attendance, designing and posting promotional flyers).
  • Assist Village Director and Scholar in Residence with Global Village and Inter-village initiatives.

Community interaction (25%, approximately 2.5 hours/week)

  • Serve as positive role models to GV students and others in the campus community.
  • Serve as resources to GV students and staff, extending a special welcome and assistance to international students and others who are new to the NC State community.
  • Mentor students in areas such as academic success, college transition, diversity, career guidance, and personal achievement through 1:1 interaction throughout the semester.
  • Act as a referral agent for students to academic, career, and diversity resources on campus.

Teamwork (20%, approximately 2 hours/week)

  • Attend weekly staff meetings of 1 hour.
  • Attend bi-weekly 1:1 meetings with the Village Director of .5 hours
  • Attend all staff training, including fall training for one complete week before international student move-in and professional development workshops
  • Serve as student ambassadors for the GV by attending outreach programs such as University visitation days and open house events

Leadership initiatives (20%, approximately 2 hours/week)

  • Serve as community leaders by supervising designated committees including
    • in-house activities
    • campus community activities
    • alumni committee
    • service committee
    • awards committee
    • professional development
    • celebrations
    • travel planning
    • historians
    • moodle

Other (5%, approximately .5 hours/week)

  • Collaborate with RA staff and Community Director to put on activities and maintain a safe and amicable environment for all Global Village members.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Village Director and/or Scholar in Residence.

Residence Hall and Community Standards Policy Enforcement

  • Limited to a close reporting relationship with Alexander Hall RAs and Housing staff.
  • Required to report safety concerns, mental health concerns, and violations of community standards.

Village Mentors are considered “Responsible Employees,” which includes any employee

  • who has the authority to take action to redress sex discrimination
  • who has been given the duty of reporting incidents of sex discrimination or any other misconduct, to the Title IX coordinator or another appropriate school designee
  • an employee whom a person could reasonably believe has this authority or duty


  • personal and professional development
    • program/event planning, implementation, evaluation/assessment
    • resume/cover letter/interview skills
    • communication and teamwork skills
    • networking with faculty, staff, and students
  • a yearly stipend of $2,500
  • leadership and cultural competency skills that employers are looking for
  • being part of a fun and exciting team

Applications are available here:  Global Village Ambassador Application

  • Please be certain that you are logged on using your NC State Gmail account and that you have logged out of all other email accounts to gain access.
  • All completed applications are to be submitted no later than 5:00pm EST on Friday, January 18, 2019. This is a firm deadline. No applications will be accepted after this point.
  • Interviews will take place the following week.

Questions should be directed to Dr. Julie Parenteau, Global Village Director via email at