Student Success Suite

Need a place to study or to work on that team project? You’ll have exclusive access to the Engineering Village Student Success Suite. Day or night, use the conference rooms, lounges and study areas to meet your academic and social needs.

In-Hall Tutoring in the Student Success Suite

The mission of the in-hall tutoring program for the Engineering Village is to support engineering students as they navigate the challenging first year. It is important that our students do well and successfully navigate the Change of Degree Audit (CODA) Process into their preferred engineering discipline. Also, tutoring assists students with learning and reinforces concepts covered in class. Courses vital to the CODA process include calculus, physics, and chemistry. While many students have taken at least one version of these courses in high school, the college courses are more rigorous and challenging. To facilitate academic success, the Engineering Village facilitates study groups to assist students with learning concepts in key courses. 

In-Hall Academic Advising in the Student Success Suite

Engineering students have to follow a set academic plan for their desired major that outlines which courses should be taken each semester. This enables students to stay on schedule and complete the degree requirements for the College of Engineering and NC State. To assist students in making course choices for consideration for CODA and the engineering experience, the Engineering Village works with the Coordinators of Advising in the College of Engineering to offer in-hall tutoring during peak registration periods during both fall and spring semesters. Advisors are available in the Engineering Village office suite on a weekly basis. No appointments are necessary. The students are required to complete a few steps prior to meeting with the in-hall advisor to ensure the meeting is productive.