Village Expectations

The following are the base expectations held for ALL EcoVillage members

  • Live in the EcoVillage residential spaces in Bragaw Hall
  • Follow the Code of Student Conduct and University Housing Community Standards
  • Attend EcoVillage orientation the day before the first day of classes in the Fall semester
  • Reserve time in their schedules to gather on varying evenings and weekends for group project work times, Council meetings, social events, communal meals, activity-based programs and trips, and guest speakers
  • Work toward achieving either the bronze, silver or gold EcoVillage Sustainability LEAD Award by the end of the academic year

Expectations for First-Year Villagers

In addition to the general EcoVillage expectations above, first-year villagers take a 1-credit hour required course together in the Fall semester entitled “Introduction to Sustainability for EcoVillage.” Participants will be automatically enrolled in this course. Participation in a group service learning project (outside of designated class meeting times) is a requirement of the course.

Expectations for Second-Year Villagers

Returning second-year villagers hone their sustainability leadership skills by committing to completing the University’s Center for Leadership and Civic Engagement’s Leadership Development Certificate. As returning EcoVillage students, second-year villagers are expected to stay active in the village, take on a student leadership role on EcoVillage Council, and have the opportunity to positively impact incoming first-year Villagers while receiving such benefits as:

  • Returning/reserved on-campus housing for the following academic year in a community that they love
  • First priority EcoVillage program and trip registration
  • Completion of a resume-building professional development experience

Spaces for returning EcoVillagers are extremely limited; approved returning residents will not be able to request a non-participating preferred roommate. Approved returning villagers may select another approved returning village participant to room with or may room with a Village Mentor.

The EcoVillage second-year program requires completion of at least the EcoVillage Bronze Sustainability LEAD Award during the first year (half of all Bronze requirements due by end of Fall semester), an application to return through University Housing’s general Housing application, the village application and responses to village questions on MyPack Portal, and approval to return from the EcoVillage director based on student participation and contributions to the EcoVillage community during the first year.