EcoVillage Location

Bragaw Hall

The EcoVillage is located in Bragaw Hall, one of three residence halls on NC State’s west campus. Village members are assigned to suites together on the first and second floors of the north side of the building (even-numbered suites). The north side of the residence hall enjoys such amenities as a volleyball court and the only laundry room in the building.

The EcoVillage office is located in suite 116 on the ground floor directly in front of the stairwell and central to the EcoVillagers’ residential suites. The two study rooms, which staff also use for social events and educational programming, are located within this suite, along with the staff offices. EcoVillagers take unique advantage of 24-hour access to the study rooms using their student IDs. It is not uncommon to find a fellow EcoVillager in a study room at 2:00AM studying for an exam or finishing up an assignment.

For more information about on-campus housing at NC State, please visit the University Housing web page.