About EcoVillage

EcoVillage at NC State University
The EcoVillage Living and Learning Village at NC State is a first-year student program that welcomes students from all majors, creating both a multidisciplinary and an interdisciplinary educational experience that prepares students for lifelong sustainability Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, and Discovery. Village members are offered the opportunity to return to EcoVillage during their sophomore year for our 2nd Year Program. Both within and beyond the classroom, members of the EcoVillage engage with their peers, faculty, staff, and citizens of the Raleigh community to explore local, regional, and global approaches to advance sustainability and actively participate in complex issues facing the environmental, social, and economic challenges of society.

The EcoVillage, one of 16 Living-Learning Village Initiative choices in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, contributes to the success of the whole student by creating a community where unique experiences are provided to prepare students to succeed academically, professionally and personally; to embrace a commitment to lifelong learning; and to become informed, engaged and productive citizens.