AVS100 Arts Village Forum

Crafts Center event Everything We've Ever Known

The Arts Village Forum (AVS100) is a class for students who live in the Arts Village. It is a 1-credit hour experiential course providing the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the cultural life of the NC State campus and the surrounding community. The visual and performing arts programs of Arts NC StateNC State LIVE, the Crafts Center, the Dance Program, the Gregg Museum of Art and Design, the Music Department and University Theatre —provide the foundation of this course through performances, exhibitions, workshops, and classes. To receive a grade of “Satisfactory” in this course, students must earn a total of 12 Arts Forum Credits. Credits are earned throughout the semester by attendance at scheduled classes and elective arts events.

3 scheduled classes + 9 elective arts events = 12 Arts Forum Credits

View the Arts Village Forum Syllabus (Google Doc)

AVS 100 is open only to Arts Village residents.