Arts Village Mentors


Hi I'm Jennifer and I am the Art Mentor for the first floor! I am a sophomore in Fashion and Textile Management with a minor in Art and Design. I love painting, being outside, flowers/plants, and fashion. My favorite food is pizza! Especially with pineapple and black olives on it! Feel free to come by my door anytime to talk or just hang out! I'm so excited for this year and I can't wait to get to meet everyone!


Hey Arts Villagers, I’m Jack Shevock, and I’m one of the Arts Mentors on the Second Floor. I’m from Murphy, North Carolina, which is about as far away from Raleigh as you can get while still being in-state. I’m a big fan of the arts, particularly film, music and literature. I’m also interested in biology and paleontology, as well as being active and trying new things. That includes meeting new people, so stop by if you ever want to chat!


Hey everyone! My name’s Andrew and I’m one of the mentors on the 3rd floor. I’m a chemical engineering major hoping to enter the pharmaceutical and biotechnology field. My main art form is playing the guitar. I love all types of music, but I really like finding cool new experimental albums to listen to. I also enjoy reading, photography, and driving around and exploring new places. Hit me up if you ever want to talk!


Hey guys! I'm Arts Mentor Mikey from the second floor and I'm a senior Design Studies major for the College of Design. I like long naps during the day... Follow me @mikedapimp for memes and art. Stay icy.


Hey! I’m Sarah the third floor arts mentor from Greenville, SC, and am majoring in Fashion Textile Management. I am predominantly a visual artist, specializing in Fiber arts, but am involved in several other forms of art! I love popcorn and will descend like a Valkyrie upon you if I smell it! Besos!