Global Bakers Heat up the Alexander Kitchen!

The Great French American Bake-off


Global Village vs. Cultural Exchange Network


When approached by Sam LaFell, President of CENet, about collaborating on an international bake-off, the Global Village set into motion. Recipes were selected, groceries were purchased, games were planned, and promotional posters went up.

Before the Great French American Bake-off, the Global Village invited guest chef, Damon Barham, to conduct a demonstration on basic French pastries. By showing students ways to measure exactly, whisk just to the right texture, and make slight alterations to come up with a variety of delectable desserts, Damon successfully prepared students for the ensuing competition.


Chef Damon Barham shows students proper techniques

Two teams of Global Villagers competed against one another for the opportunity to represent our community in the Great French American Bake-off. The winners, Dinah Ingall, Ajay Thakur and Meehir Mokashi earned their spot with an impressive plate of profiteroles that looked like they had come straight out of the Iron Chef kitchen.

On the day of the Great French-American Bake-off, approximately 30 students from the SKEMA French Business School arrived to cheer on their three competitors. Neither team knew what they would be baking. All they knew was that the French team would prepare an American dessert and the Global Village team would prepare a French dessert.


Student Jacob Morton (aka Alex Trebek) leads students in food trivia

Prior to starting, both teams were provided with equipment and ingredients and were given the same amount of time to prepare their dishes. Once the timer started, competitors got right to work reviewing their recipes and planning their strategy.

Meanwhile, audience members were treated to a version of Jeopardy focused on global food and traditions.

At the end of the competition, judges representing Global Pack assessed the plates on taste, appearance and creativity using the official event rubric.


SKEMA Student Champions

In the end, the SKEMA students won with their version of apple pie, but fun was certainly had by all! We look forward to more collaboration with the Cultural Exchange Network next year!