Brotherly Love: Two Siblings Share Their ILV Experiences

Michael and Mason Burroughs

Michael (R) and Mason (L) Burroughs are brothers from Cary, NC, who were both members of the Impact Leadership Village–10 years apart! The pair took some time to share a bit about how their Village experiences compared to one another, so check their full interview responses below:

Michael and Mason Burroughs

  1. What made you apply to the Village?
    1. Michael: I applied to the Village because I was interested in joining a community that would help me feel connected to a group within a large university. In high school, I took on various leadership roles in my Boy Scout troop and marching band. I was eager to further my leadership skills alongside peers with similar interests.
    2. Mason: I applied to the village because I was looking for a group to be a part of on-campus that would take away some of the intimidation I felt in attending a large university. My brother talked to me about how his time in the village provided a safe space for him to reach out to others and get involved on campus. In addition to this, I wanted to learn more about how to be an effective leader and combine that with what I have learned from my previous experiences in leadership positions.
  2. What are some of your strongest memories while you were in the Village?
    1. Michael: My strongest memories of the Village center around its sense of community and the friendships that I developed in my first year at NCSU. I particularly enjoyed the “open door” atmosphere that Bowen implemented for the suites of Village residents, which helped to foster new relationships and a strong sense of community.
    2. Mason: Some of my strongest memories from ILV are playing board games with and getting to know all the other villagers during welcome week, being able to give back to the community through the events put on by the Community Outreach committee, and learning how to be a better leader through it all.
  3. After your time as Villagers, what are some parts of the Village that have changed? Parts that haven’t?
    1. Michael: One significant change to the Village that I have noticed since my time there is the enormous growth in population. The Village used to only occupy parts the 3rd and 4th floors of Bowen! I think the Village has always catered to students with a passion for leadership, commitment to service, and value for diversity.
    2. Mason: Between Mike’s time in the village and mine I have been able to see large growth in the amount of participation of the village members. Despite this, the village has still been able to maintain the small, close-knit feel that is so nice to have within a big campus like NC State’s.
  4. How has being in the Village together shaped your relationships as siblings?
    1. Michael: Mason and I experienced life in the Village at very different times of its development, but at the same time in our personal lives. I think participation in the Village exposed us to the diversity of student backgrounds at NCSU, and taught us how to be effective cheerleaders/mentors and accepting of people with different life goals. I definitely made use of these skills during my time as a Resident Advisor, and I look forward to watching Mason grow as a CL in ILV this Fall.
    2. Mason: Through our time in the village Mike and I experienced similar revelations about how important it is to talk to and learn from people who have different backgrounds, ideas, and experiences. This has helped us both find opportunities to help students from a variety of backgrounds adjust to living on campus and manage their stresses in a healthy way.

One thing that hasn’t changed? ILV’s home away from home in Bowen Hall! Here, Michael smiles with friends in the Bowen Study Lounge.

Michael Burroughs in Bowen

The paint might be new, but the ILV vibes are the same! Mason smiles with friends in the Bowen TV Lounge in January 2020.

Mason Burroughs in Bowen