Apply for a Village

This information is for newly-admitted freshmen and transfer students for the 2022-2023 academic year, study abroad, and co-op students returning to University Housing for Fall 2022 enrollment.

Joining a Living and Learning Village at NC State is very easy. There is no additional charge to participate in a Living and Learning Village. Explore the Village options to find your community.

What to Do First

Apply for housing and villages:  If you are fairly certain you will attend NC State, you should complete your housing and village applications as soon as possible. If you decide not to attend NC State, you can cancel your housing application without penalties.

After You Apply for Housing

Make changes if necessary:  Changes to your housing/village application can be made using MyPack Portal until you’re assigned. Once you’re assigned, changes can be made by University Housing or village staff only.

See your housing assignment:  Housing assignments are released in late-June for the upcoming academic year.

Important Village Application Information

  • The University Housing/Village application for new students opens in February.
  • Students may apply to multiple villages by indicating their preference order on the application.
  • If your preferred village has space and approves your application, you will be part of the village.  You can change your preferences at any time.
  • You may complete a University Housing/Village application before committing to NC State. There is no fee to apply, and if you decide not to attend NC State, there is no fee to cancel.
  • Villages approve applicants on a rolling basis; however, you will not be assigned to a village space until after Advanced Enrollment Deposits (AED) are paid on May 1st.  Communications are sent on a rolling basis. All village approval communications should be complete by the end of May. If a student receives an approval message from a village, it means the student is guaranteed a space provided the Advanced Enrollment Deposit is paid.
  • University Honors and University Scholars students should refer to the Frequently Asked Questions section below for detailed information about the Honors and Scholars Village.

Preferred Roommates

Villages are extremely popular. To meet demand and maximize the impact of the village curriculum, all preferred roommates must also apply and be accepted to the village.  The deadline to request roommates is June 1.

  • Albright Entrepreneurship Village
    • Accepts preferred roommates who are not members of the Village.

Linked Courses

Important to note, linked courses are required unless you receive an exemption from the village.

Frequently Asked Questions

Village applications open with the University Housing application in February.

Village applications close based on space availability, but typically around mid-April.

As long as both students have applied and are approved/accepted to participate in a village, they can be preferred roommates.

Yes. The Housing/Village application has a process that assists in the process of pairing roommates based on a list of preference questions that you answer when completing the University Housing application.

Village applications open with the University Housing application in February.

Village staff review all applicants on a rolling basis and will have sent village status email updates by the end of May. Assignments are not final until after the Advance Enrollment Deposit has been paid to the University Cashier’s Office.

Students approved for a village will receive a housing assignment in mid-June.

You can change or remove your village preferences by navigating to the Housing/Village application and removing the check in the box that asks if you want to participate in a village at the bottom of the “Student Profile” screen. If you have already received communication regarding an approval to a Village, email the Village Director to notify them that you no longer wish to participate.

When completing the housing application, you will not see the Honors and Scholars Village as a Village choice in the drop-down menu or the individual buildings of Berry, Becton and Bagwell Halls as a Residence Hall preference because those buildings are for Honors and Scholars Village participants only.

Students are first accepted to the Honors or Scholars Program then receive invitations to join the Honors and Scholars Village around mid-April. Space is limited! If you are interested in other Villages, feel free to complete your preferences for those Villages in the Housing Application. If participating in the Honors and Scholars Village is your highest preference and you are accepted into the Village, we cancel other submitted village applications. If you are not accepted or decline the invitation to join the Honors and Scholars Village, you will be assigned to your highest village choice based on space availability.

If you have any questions about the Honors and Scholars Village, please email Dr. Scott O’Leary at If you have questions about your application to the Honors or Scholars Program, email or