A Guide to Scholars Forum

Honors Forum

Dance. Art. Movies. Academic enrichment. All of these and much more are explored every week during Scholars Forum. Scholars Forum offers many fun and diverse ways to engage with the Scholars and Honors communities and is an excellent place to stay up to date with the Scholars program. With as many as thirty Forum events per week, there is always something to do with Scholars Forum. And the best part? Many of the Scholars Forum events are open to all of campus, which means that you do not have to be signed up for Forum to still get access of many of the amazing events happening on campus. With famous guest lecturers, national geographic photographers, and culturally diverse musical ensembles regularly included in the Scholars Forum lineup, there is every reason to get involved!

Forum StudentsNot sure how to complete your Forum requirements? Students in Forum are expected to go to just 12 events of their choosing a semester, so it should not be a huge strain on your busy schedules. Additionally, Scholars Forum is a three-semester requirement for Scholars students and a one-semester requirement for Honors students who started in the fall of 2018. The forum is graded in a satisfactory/unsatisfactory capacity, so as long as you go to the 12 events you will get credit. If you have any additional questions about Forum, or any other program questions, contact your individual Scholars or Honors advisor or come see them in Clark Hall.

Want to get more involved in Scholars Forum? Consider joining Scholars Council next semester! This is a great group of students who work together to plan new Scholars events that everyone, including people who are done with the forum, can enjoy. Scholars council meets every other Tuesday from 8 to 9 pm.